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Fraud Investigations


Fraud is a theft based on a lie and wrapped in deceit.


Fraud will severely impact the ability of your business or nonprofit to grow or even survive in today’s competitive market. Faced with the possibility of fraud in your organization, a fraud investigation will be needed to resolve any suspicions or allegations of fraudulent activity.


Fraud investigations are complex, time consuming, and labor intensive endeavors. Because of the hidden and complex nature of fraud schemes, a fraud investigator needs specialized knowledge and skills in order to properly plan, execute and conclude a fraud investigation.


Chuck Cochran, the owner of C.R. Cochran & Associates, is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and has the training and experience to help you investigate and resolve allegations of fraud involving asset misappropriation, bribery and corruption, financial statement fraud, and corporate espionage.


Asset Misappropriation


Asset misappropriation is simply the theft or misuse by an employee of company resources such as cash, inventory, supplies and other assets. This is the most common fraud scheme perpetrated by employees against their employer resulting in a median loss of $114,000 to the company.


Asset misappropriation fraud includes cash theft and skimming, billing schemes, payroll schemes, expense reimbursement schemes, check and payment tampering, and embezzlement.


Bribery and Corruption


Employee corruption occurs when an employee misuses their influence in a business transaction for personal gain or benefit in violation of their duty to the employer. Common corruption schemes are bribery, economic extortion, illegal gratuities, and conflicts of interest.


Companies impacted by employee corruption suffer a median loss of $250,000 and the corruption scheme may remain undetected for nearly two years.


Financial Statement Fraud


Often called cooking the books, financial statement fraud is the deliberate inclusion of misrepresentations or omissions of material information in an organization’s financial reports. The intent is to deceive the users of the financial reports about the true financial condition of the organization by overstating or understating the organization’s net worth or net income.


While financial statement fraud is the least common fraud scheme, it is the most costly fraud scheme resulting in median loss of $800,000 to its victims.


Corporate Espionage


Corporate espionage is theft, plain and simple. Unlike competitive intelligence which uses legal methods to gather and analyze information, corporate espionage uses illegal and clandestine methods to steal a company’s ideas, designs, concepts, and innovations. A company may find

itself targeted by a competitor seeking a competitive advantage, an activist motivated by ideology, or even by a foreign government. Companies of all sizes and types, even nonprofit organizations, have been victimized by industrial spies.


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