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I’m Chuck Cochran, the owner and qualified manager of C.R. Cochran & Associates. C.R. Cochran & Associates is a San Diego Private Investigator agency specializing in providing criminal defense attorneys with:



At C.R. Cochran & Associates, we are aware of the challenges and responsibilities inherent to criminal defense investigations. We are skilled at uncovering reasonable doubt through the review and analysis of discovery materials, the evaluation of witnesses and their statements, and the examination of the crime scene. We will also work to confirm alibis, identify other possible perpetrators, and develop alternate explanations of the incident.


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Fraud Examinations

If you are representing a person accused of fraud, you need an investigator well versed in the complexities of various fraud schemes. Chuck Cochran is a Certified Fraud Examiner and has the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to help you prepare and present your case in court.


C.R. Cochran & Associates can help you with defense investigations of Embezzlement, Employee Theft, Asset Misappropriation, Corruption Schemes, Financial Statement Fraud, Ponzi and Pyramid Schemes, and Investment Schemes.


Arson Investigations

Fire scenes can intimidate an untrained investigator. Overwhelmed by the fire’s destruction, the untrained investigator will be uncertain about where to start and how to proceed with the fire investigation. This uncertainty may lead to an unfounded charge of arson. To refute this unfounded allegation of arson you need a trained and experienced fire investigator.


Chuck Cochran is the lead fire investigator for this agency and has extensive training in the investigation and analysis of fires, fire scene investigation, arson law, and arson motives. Mr. Cochran personally manages all fire investigations and ensures that your fire investigation will be conducted in accordance with the published guidelines of NFPA 921, Guide for Fire & Explosion Investigations.


We provide fire and arson investigations involving Structure Fires, Vehicle Fires, Wildland Fires, and Marine Vessel Fires.


Criminal Homicide Investigations

C.R. Cochran & Associates offers criminal defense investigations into charges of Murder, Manslaughter, and Vehicular Manslaughter.


Chuck Cochran, the owner of C.R. Cochran & Associates, is an experienced homicide investigator with extensive training in death investigations, evidence technology, laws of homicide, medico-legal investigation procedures, and crime scene investigations.


During your homicide defense investigation, our investigators will be alert for any indications that the death was justifiable as self-defense, or excusable as the result of accident or misfortune.


Mr. Cochran’s training in Fire and Arson Investigations and Traffic Collision Investigation and Reconstruction is vital when the death is the result of a fire or a vehicle collision.


Crime Scene Investigations: Homicide-Arson-Vehicular

All crime scenes hold information that is critical to understanding what happened, how it happened, and who was involved. Without a systematic crime scene investigation, that critical information could be lost forever. C.R. Cochran & Associates will provide you with this essential type of investigation.


Chuck Cochran personally supervises all crime scene investigations. Mr. Cochran has extensive training in the assessment, documentation and processing of various types of crime scenes, and holds California Peace Officer Standards and Training certificates in Evidence Technology, Forensic Photography, and Advanced Forensic Photography.


Your crime scene investigation includes a Scene Assessment to determine the scope of the crime scene investigation, including the size of the incident scene, the procedures needed, and personnel requirements, Scene Documentation with scene photographs, evidence photographs, diagrams and field notes, and Scene Processing to identify, document, collect, and preserve fingerprints, physical evidence, and bullet trajectory evidence.

Certified Fraud Examiner

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