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I’m Chuck Cochran, the owner and qualified manager of C.R. Cochran & Associates, and I want to help you protect your client’s business from loss due to fraud, employee theft, or unscrupulous associates.


C.R. Cochran & Associates is a San Diego Private Investigator agency providing corporate attorneys, both in-house and outside counsel, with the essential information they need to best represent their clients. We offer the following investigative services:



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Fraud Examinations

Nothing can destroy your client’s business quicker or with less notice than fraud. Frequently, by the time someone realizes that something wrong, the damage is done. If you, or your client, suspect fraud is occurring within their organization, a fraud examination will be needed to resolve these suspicions. Because of the hidden and complex nature of fraud, this type of investigation requires an investigator with specialized knowledge and skills.


Chuck Cochran, the owner of C.R. Cochran & Associates, is a Certified Fraud Examiner with the skills, knowledge, and experience to investigate and terminate fraud schemes involving Asset Misappropriation, Corruption Schemes, and Financial Statement Fraud.


Asset Misappropriation

This fraud scheme involves employee theft or misuse of cash, inventory, equipment, supplies, proprietary information, and intellectual property. A common form of asset misappropriation is embezzlement where an employee steals an asset they have been entrusted with.


Corruption Schemes

Corruption can be found in any business. Corruption schemes include conflicts of interest, bribery, illegal gratuities, and economic extortion. Whatever form corruption takes, it is designed to give someone an unfair advantage during a transaction.


Financial Statement Fraud

If your client is considering a merger or acquisition then you have to consider the real possibility that somebody sitting across the table from you is cooking the books by overstating assets while understating liabilities. The intent of this fraud is to hide the true financial condition of the other company from your client.


Fraud Prevention and Deterrence

Of course, the best way to prevent fraud is to stop it before it starts. C.R. Cochran & Associates can help your client prevent and deter fraudulent activity in their business through Fraud Risk Assessments and Fraud Prevention Education.


Fraud Risk Assessment

The fraud risk assessment will examine your client’s internal controls and other policies for weaknesses, and recommend changes to strengthen these controls. These policy changes will reduce the possibility of fraud and increase the probability of detecting fraudulent activity.


Fraud Prevention Education

We can also help your client create and implement a fraud prevention program to educate executives, management, and employees to recognize fraud indicators, to report wrongdoing, and understand the effect of fraud on the company and employees.


Due Diligence Investigations

Due diligence investigations are one of the best methods available to protect your client’s reputation and assets. A due diligence investigation provides background information to help your client make an informed decision before entering into a business or financial relationship with an organization or a person. Any association with an unscrupulous person or a questionable organization can cause your client legal headaches and become a public relations nightmare.


To avoid these problems, C.R. Cochran & Associates offers Business Background Investigations, Personal Profiles, and Financial Asset Investigations designed to meet your client’s specific needs and requirements for due diligence.


Business Background Investigation

An investigation into the backgrounds of the company and its officers, managers, and key employees, and develop information on the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.


Personal Profile

An investigation into the personal history of an individual including their education, employment, military service, legal issues, character, associations, reputation, and affiliations.


Financial Asset Investigations

C.R. Cochran & Associates can provide your client with a comprehensive financial asset investigation to identify the assets and liabilities of individuals, organizations, and businesses.


Certified Fraud Examiner

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